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Camino de Santiago

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Experiences from Sanxenxo

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Galicia “A Modiño”

A slow experience

   Taking it slow and savoring every moment allows for a richer experience and
in the case of exploring the Galician way of life, there’s no need to venture far. The essence
of Galicia can be discovered by taking small steps.

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Most notable routes of the Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago Portugués desde Tui

From 215€

Camino Portugués along the coast from Vigo

Camino de Santiago Inglés from Ferrol

Camino de Santiago Francés from Sarria

From 240€

Camino de Santiago Portugués from Pontevedra

From 155€

Camino de Santiago Primitivo from Lugo

Experiencies y Activities near Sanxenxo

A philosophy of respect for the environment
and local people


Transmitting the values of our culture is one of the main goals of, Rooteiro. On our routes, we will discover different historical and artistic spots such as Combarro or Pontevedra.

However, that is not all, as we will also give visibility to the everyday aspects of local culture. We will learn about the hard work of shellfish harvesting and how fish auctions take place in the market

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At Rooteiro, we want to highlight the rich and varied Galician cuisine. We take into account factors such as the origin of raw materials, the method of cooking, or the quality of the ingredients (slow food).

On our routes, you can feel like a true Galician and enjoy products such as mussels and preserves from the estuary, artisan cheeses, Galician pies, or taste limited production wines in small charming wineries.

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A sustainable Camino de Santiago

Galicia is a land of rivers, mountains and sea, with a great variety of fauna and flora.

Our team is committed to taking care of all this natural wealth and generating the minimum possible negative impact on everything around us.

We believe that walking the Camino de Santiago presents a fantastic opportunity to learn about local history and culture. Moreover, as a pilgrim, you generate a very positive impact on the local economy since you spend money in the towns you pass through.

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