About US

andres nos11

My story started in October 2012, the chosen city: Edinburgh, in Scotland. Why ? I don’t know, I guess, because, Galicia and Scotland have things in common: like humility, love and respect of their homeland or that they enjoy their festivals and traditions as much or more than we do.

During the almost 6 years that I lived there, I learned very valuable things. Among them, to value more my homeland every time I came back.

After studying and learning how tourism works in Scotland, the idea of ​​Rooteiro emerged, as the idea of wanting to share with other people through experiences, the cultural, natural and gastronomic value that Galicia has.

 A paradise that needs to be shown to the world, but following premises of social, tourist and cultural responsibility, always involving local people, in order to gather a sustainable and development growth.

Mission and values

We are a young and dynamic company that offers different tourist services in the O Salnés area.

Our main goal, it is to offer quality services, always betting on sustainable and responsible tourism.

We are also guides specialized in disseminating knowledge and creating experiences tailored to your needs that help you learn about the local culture and traditions.



Our tourism model is based on experiences, carrying them out in a responsible way, in order to revitalize those locations or sites where we work.

We think that the tourist must know the local idiosyncrasy in order to learn more about the customs and values ​​of a specific population.

It is very important to spread the local culture so that it does not disappear.

Therefore, our goal is to work firmly on this idea.

Travel slow, learn fast!